Sorry Day – Kenneth Watson-Cutler Award

​​Congratulations to Bella Barrett who received the Kenneth-Watson Cutler Award at our Sorry Day liturgy for consistently including others and fostering reconciliation. Bella received this award because she has shown outstanding effort in the following areas:

1. Treats all people as equals to themselves – not judging others based on their race, culture, school work or family circumstances.

2. Takes responsibility for their own actions towards others. Treats everyone with truth and respect and says sorry for mistakes made and hurt caused to others without being prompted.

3. Advocates for reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through modelling the attributes of truth, respect, understanding and forgiveness.

4. Loves and accepts others for their differences.

The Cutlers travel to Murgon each year for Sorry Day to present the award and share the story of Kenneth Watson with the children to inspire them to never give up.