Reaching for the stars

​St Joseph’s welcomed many new families and 18 new Preps to begin our 2018 learning journey. We are looking forward to helping all students reach their full potential and our teachers have thoroughly planned to meet the needs of each student. Providing our students with the support, guidance and direction they need to become confident, successful and informed students in an unknown future. 

Last year we had the theme of ‘Making a Difference’ and our results reflected the effort from staff and students. We successfully achieved our literacy goal and this is reflected in the following quote from the Deputy Director of Brisbane Catholic Education, Doug Ashleigh: 

“Progress against your stated SMART Goal showed significant growth and achievement. Congratulations and well done! Progress with your benchmarks is outstanding. The outstanding work evident in the 2017 results is quite remarkable and a great testament to the commitment and to the belief that ‘every student can learn with sufficient time and support.” 

This year we extend this to encapsulate ‘Reaching for the Stars’. We will be focusing on helping students to have a positive growth mindset and encouraging them to have high expectations for themselves.