Arthur Conlon Art Experience

Renowned Indigenous artist Arthur Conlon visited St Joseph’s this term and provided the students with an unforgettable art experience. Arthur spent a day working with the students instructing them how to do pastel drawings of turtles, which they were then able to take home. Arthur, with the assistance of students, also painted the school’s wall mural and totems. The animals on the wall mural are significant because they are the class totems that follow each class through school. Arthur spent time talking with the students about his experiences at school and life in the army. He also spoke about how education is the most important thing for a successful future. ​

Arthur was born in Cherbourg and is a descendant of the Wakka Wakka tribe. He started painting at the age of nine by studying the traditional techniques of his uncles. He completed Year 12 at Murgon SHS and is now a successful artist with his paintings in galleries across Australia and internationally. Arthur visits schools around Australia and is an inspiration to students and staff.