Making Books Come Alive

​​This term, the Prep’s and Year 1 students are engaging in an active literacy approach supported by the Education Officers from Brisbane Catholic Education. An active literacy approach aims to help students think about, process and verbalise what they are reading and learning by immersing them in activities based on the themes in the books.

Apart from immersing students in the context/text model of learning they are engaging in the incursions and excursions to give them a platform to co-create their own text and write their own books. This type of literacy learning is not only engaging and fun, but the students get to immerse themselves in a rich literacy experience and then delight in creating the text to read and show others.

The Preps enjoyed an incursion at school to find the sheep from the story book, ‘Where is the green sheep?’. They ventured around the school in small groups supported by a teacher or school officer reading and following clues and then recording the places they explored on their way to finding their group’s sheep. They then co-created text about their adventure. 
The Year 1 Students enjoyed a fantastic excursion around Murgon and Cherbourg. Some of the places they visited were the Post Office, Fire Station, Police Station, Library and Cherbourg Hospital and stopped at BP dam for lunch before returning to school. A rich day of learning and exploring was had by everyone, and the students gained valuable knowledge in preparation for transforming that knowledge into text. The students are now making a book about their adventure!
The students would like to say a special thank you to the businesses and community services for allowing them to visit.