Learning is a Lifelong Pursuit

​​​Recently the leadership team consisting of the Principal, Assistant Principal of Religious Education and the Primary Learning Leader all graduated from their Masters of Educational Leadership. This 12 subject course was a research driven, practical program completed over a few years and enabled them to gain valuable knowledge and enhance their leadership skills. This Masters of Educational Leadership was achieved through the Australian Catholic University. 

Brisbane Catholic Education requires all teachers wishing to pursue a career in leadership to obtain a Masters level of education. When moving into a leadership position, teachers must be working towards the Masters qualification with the expectation of completing the study over a suggested five year period. It would have taken considerable dedication to be working full time and studying for a Masters qualification. Mrs Dennis expressed that while it was not easy balancing children, family, work and study she enjoyed the challenge. Mrs Dennis also believes it provided a positive message for her own children about the importance of continued learning and being a lifelong learner.