Preps exceed reading benchmark

​The Prep students have settled into school well and have been working hard to improve their reading and literacy skills. We have many Preps who are at or past the Prep benchmark for reading. Many of the Prep students are reading well and meeting the PM benchmark of Level 5, which is expected by the end of Prep with some students exceeding this expectation. Layla, Emmet, Tanner, Levi, Riley, Emmett and Aurora have achieved over the benchmark of 5, with Riley and Aurora at a level 13.

The students are engaged in twice daily reading, guided reading, daily writing and oral language experiences. They have also been working hard to learn their Magic 300 words. The students are learning literacy skills using the five contexts for learning: 

focused learning and teaching;
routines and transitions;
real life situations; and

These contexts are powerful for learning because they enable children to use their skills and understandings as capable learners, have ownership of their learning, promote positive dispositions, and provide opportunities for learning associated with the curriculum as well as learning through choice. These learning contexts also enable links to be made with the children’s interests, knowledge and family and community experiences.