Remarkable Moments

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) has developed an initiative called Excellent Learning and Teaching with the purpose of improving the literacy level of every student. The program also helps to build the capacity of classroom teachers to improve their impact on student learning as each student’s success and wellbeing is at the heart of our mission as educators. As part of the initiative students are rewarded for remarkable achievements in literacy and their photo and certificate are displayed on the Remarkable Moments Achievement Wall. Leaders from BCE will be visiting St Joseph’s in Term 4 to join in a special celebration assembly where students will be congratulated for their remarkable achievements this year.  ​

One way we are putting the Excellent Learning and Teaching initiative into practice is through Learning Walks and Talks where the students are asked five questions by staff about their literacy learning:

1. What are you learning? (Learning Intentions)
2. How are you going? (Success Criteria)
3. How do you know? (Feedback)
4. How can you improve? (Goal Setting)
5. Where can you get help? (Disposition)

We ask these questions to ensure students know what they are learning so we can improve literacy. We also work with the students to maximise every opportunity to consolidate reading strategies through multiple practice reading sessions, guided reading and focused literacy time which targets activities based on student learning needs.

There are so many wonderful stories of growth and learning success coming from our classes at St Joseph’s. Not only have the teachers worked tirelessly to provide engaging, thought-provoking lessons each day, our students have continued to challenge themselves to be better in their learning.