Rumble's Quest

​​At the start and end of this year and again in term 4 we will be asking students to complete a computer game called Rumble’s Quest that is a valid and reliable measure of social-emotional wellbeing for primary school students. This measure takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Rumble’s Quest will ask children questions, which will measure:
  • Attachment to school
  • Emotional and behavioural self-regulation
  • Social confidence
  • Supportive environments
​The students will also play games that will measure:
  • Working memory (ability to keep information in your mind for a short time to be able to use it for further processing)
  • Ability to focus a task and sustain attention
  • Ability for inhibitory control (to stop yourself from doing something) and respond flexibily
​These three areas are broadly called our executive functions, which is a term psychologists use to describe the many tasks our brains perform that are necessary to think, act and solve problems. Executive functioning abilities are very important to be able to help students learn.
The results of this measure will be used to plan support programs and track how effective the programs are that we are using in our school to help our students be the best they can be.
Further information about Rumbles Quest is available at this website including a demonstration video that shows you what the game looks like.