St Rita's Students Visit Murgon and Cherbourg

In the last week of Term 2, the Year 10 students from St Rita’s College were hosted by St Joseph’s Primary School and the Barambah Environmental Education Centre for their annual immersion program. St Rita’s College is an independent Catholic day school located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and caters for girls from Year 7-12.
The one-week immersion provides Year 10 students with an opportunity to connect with a regional school and to deepen their understanding of Indigenous culture and the Indigenous experience of injustice. 

The Year 10 students worked alongside the St Joseph’s students helping them with their reading, sight words, and other class activities. The girls also went on an excursion to Kingaroy with the Preps and Year Ones, and helped out at St Joseph’s sports carnival as timekeepers, cheer squad and judges. Students from both schools developed strong bonds with each other and the lower primary students were particularly happy to have the St Rita’s students on campus helping out. 

The St Rita’s girls visited the Barambah Environmental Education Centre where they learnt about some of the traditions of the Indigenous people in the area; they made string using traditional methods, threw boomerangs, learnt to light fires, build shelters and tasted bush tucker. The girls also visited the Ration Shed in Cherbourg where they learnt about the history of the treatment of Indigenous people under the Protection Act.

Through the immersion program, the Year 10 students learnt to serve others and develop leadership skills. They experienced what it is like to live in a regional community, what challenges the children face, and the injustices that Indigenous people have suffered. The student’s from St Rita’s left with a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture and strong connections to the people of Murgon and Cherbourg.​