Students Participate in Cultural Training

St Joseph’s are offering a new cultural training program for Indigenous students starting in Term 1. The program is designed to keep Indigenous heritage alive by passing on Indigenous stories and culture to the students.

In consultation with Elise Crawford, Mary Boney and Eric Law, St Joseph’s will be attending to the cultural education of our Indigenous students on the last Wednesday of each month. Each class will have one session to assist in preserving the culture. The Australian Curriculum requires all students to engage in study about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. So that all students engage in this aspect of the curriculum, Georgie Kadel (BCE education officer ATSI) will be assisting teachers with educating the non-Indigenous students.  There will be opportunities for the class to regroup and engage in discussion about what they have learnt and to answer any questions they may have in regards to this education. This is not additional learning, but is a component of the Australian Curriculum.

Eric Law has also been invited to have a more active role in the school and has agreed to work on sacred spaces and other Indigenous initiatives, such as the Bush Tucker garden, and St Joseph’s will be connecting with the Cherbourg community on a regular basis throughout the year. Some of the activities will include sharing regular BBQ meals and increasing the school’s presence in the Cherbourg community to support our Indigenous students and partnerships.

St Joseph’s desire to bring Indigenous cultural training to the school and connect with the Cherbourg community links in with Brisbane Catholic Education’s Molum Sabe initiative to enhance Indigenous student engagement and learning.
The Theory of Action is a conceptual model that clearly positions the Molum (student) at the centre. It identifies role holders and their relationships in supporting the student’s learning. The model calls on the Sabe (knowledge) of the extended community to enhance student engagement and learning.

Drawing upon St John Paul II’s words to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 30 years ago, Pope Francis shared a strong and important message, one which St Joseph’s supports: 

“This anniversary affords me the happy opportunity to express my deep esteem for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and for your ancient cultural heritage”. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is built on mutual respect and dignity and is holiness’ and “Your culture, which shows the lasting genius and dignity of your race, must not be allowed to disappear”.