Religious Education

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​St Joseph’s Religious Education Vision

The St Joseph’s Religious Education Program aligns with the Brisbane Archdiocesan Religious Education Framework and embraces the Religious Life of the school, through our values of Nurture, Respect and Faith.  We strive for religious literacy for all our students and we foster their faith by following in the footsteps of Jesus and respecting Indigenous Spirituality. These values are built upon and infused by the charisms of the Presentation Sisters, Marist Brothers and the Christian Brothers, providing a solid foundation for faith development.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is teaching, challenging and transforming students through the gospel messages, our values of Nurture, Respect, Faith and the commitment to delivering high quality learning and teaching. We achieve this through:

Nurture: Nurturing our students to be successful, creative, confident, informed learners empowered to shape our world.

Respect: Supporting students to show respect for self, others and God’s world.

Faith: Providing opportunities for students to witness to and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our RE Vision aligns with our School Vision.

St Joseph’s Religious Education & Faith Formation

St Joseph’s Murgon is a co-educational parish primary school with classes from Prep to Year Six. While being faithful to its Catholic ethos and traditions, the school accepts enrolments from families who support Catholic Christian values. This includes a number of families who are not Catholic, and others who have no religious affiliation. At St Joseph’s, we are committed to the holistic education of our students, and we achieve this through our values of Nurture and Respect, in a Faith based environment.

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St Joseph's Religious Education Program 

The St Joseph's Religious Education Program is responsive to the needs and religious backgrounds of students and the contemporary contexts for learning in the Religion classroom. It articulates a Catholic view of learning and teaching and is structured around the Model for Religious Education. Our Religious Education Program is consistent with whole school approaches to learning and teaching across the curriculum. It identifies how these approaches are developed, communicated, supported and reviewed. It also outlines how student engagement, progress and achievement are monitored to ensure high expectations for each student. It identifies how data is used to evaluate current practice and inform decision making and action related to the classroom teaching of Religion and the religious life of the school.

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St Joseph’s Religious Education Scope & Sequence Year Level Overviews

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St Joseph’s Sacramental Program