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At St Joseph’s, the Years 3 to 6 students engage in a Maths learning support process named Reteach and Enrich. The purpose of the process is to allocate time and extra teaching support three times a week to address the different levels of knowledge and skills of each student in Maths.

How it works:

• Each teacher teaches a Mathematics concept for one week.

• The teacher then gives a brief assessment and places children in two groups:

- Reteach: These children are given new experiences to lead towards Year level expected knowledge and skills for that particular concept.

- Enrich: These children are given consolidation and extension work to lead them towards being above the Year level expected knowledge and skills for the concept.

• In the following week, the children are given three 30 minute lessons being retaught (Reteach group) a concept or enriched (Enrich group) in their understanding of a concept.

When Reteach and Enrich happens:

• Each Year level has two teachers for the 30 minute period.  One to take the Reteach group and one to take the Enrich group. This means that the Year 5/6 multi-age class has four teachers during this period as there is a need for four groups to cater for each of the two year levels.

• The teachers involved in Reteach and Enrich lessons send evidence of student progress to the classroom teacher at the end of each week.

• School Officers are also involved in supporting in classrooms during this time, working alongside a teacher in one of the groups.

Data collected from our Reteach and Enrich process showed significant growth in student achievement.  The weekly data showed approximately 50% of all students went into each group each week (these are flexible groupings and change each week based on student assessment).

Following the week of Reteach or Enrich around 90% of students in the Reteach group were assessed as being at year level expectation against the Australian Curriculum. There was also significant growth in the Enrich group as they strengthened, deepened an applied their understanding. This process really allows our school to make time for every student in Maths.​