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Schedule of Fees and Levies for St Joseph's in 2014.


1. Annual School Tuition Fees​ Annual​ Term​


(10: Feb - Nov​)

​1 child ​$ 1 100 ​$ 110
​2 children ​$ 1 600 ​$ 160
​3 or more children ​$ 1 800 ​$ 180
​2. School Levies
Each child​ $ 100​ $ 10​
​3. Building Fund Levy
​Per Family $ 200​ ​$ 20
​4. Bus Charges - Wondai / Cherbourg (Term Only)
​Each Child (Bus from Wondai / Murgon) $ 15​
​Each Child (Bus from Cherbourg / Murgon) $ 10​

Please note that the fee schedule above does not include Camps, Excursions & Visiting Activities.


Direct Debit

In 2014, Direct Debiting from a bank account, Credit Card or Centrepay will again be available to families. Families, who wish to use either of these systems next year, are required to lodge a new authority for 2014. 


Tuition and School Levies

[Includes General Curriculum Support, Classroom Consumable Resources, PE Resources,
Transport and Technology]
These levies cover the following budget expenditure items:
  • Technology technical support and maintenance
  • Classroom resources and extra costs associated with each year level

School Fee Statements

Family fee statements will be issued each month.  Listed on the statement are the fees and levies for each month, plus any incidental costs incurred eg. Bus costs not covered by Tuition and School Levies.



Discounts apply to the tuition component of fees, if paying your annual school fees in advance before February 28, 2014.


The following discount is offered to families who have children at both Saint Joseph's and the Secondary section of Saint Mary's in Kingaroy. This discount applies to the Tuition component of the School Fees.

1 Child  -  5% Discount.

2 Children  -  10% Discount.

3 Children  -  20% Discount.

4 Children  -  40% Discount.



Please contact me on 4168 1627 for more information.


Sheree Prendergast (Finance Secretary)