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National Sorry Day 2016


Mother's Day Mass and Morning Tea 2016

The students at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School made their mothers and grandmothers proud at the Mother’s Day mass and morning tea. Approximately 40 mothers, grandmothers, and carers attended the mass and all of the teachers and students were involved in the service. After communion, the students sang a reflection song to the mothers as they stood at the front of the church. Father Michael blessed the mothers who were then presented with handmade gifts of Rocky Road made by St Joseph’s Acting Assistant Principal, Tracey Gerrard. The mothers were then invited to share a special morning tea in the school hall. 

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Respect Group




75th Jubilee Celebrations

Images from 27 February 2012 - 75th Jubilee Celebrations. Many of the Presentation Sisters that taught throughout the years at St Joseph's graced us with their presence. The sisters went to the classrooms to tell the students about times gone by. Many of the current staff and students dressed up for the occasion.

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